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Features on vMX and actual MX960

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  • 1.  Features on vMX and actual MX960

    Posted 08-15-2020 03:14


    I have a question about comparison between vMX and MX960 regrading JunOS:

    If we tested something on vMX and it works can we say it is supported on MX960 as well. I know there are some restrictions regrading hardware,etc...

    Thank you

  • 2.  RE: Features on vMX and actual MX960
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    Posted 08-15-2020 04:23

    Generally the assumption that vMX configs will work on the physical MX is a good one but not the reverse.


    However in an abundance of caution mode you would need to use the Feature Explorer to validate your major config stanzas are present on the mx960 platform after you are done on the vMX.




  • 3.  RE: Features on vMX and actual MX960

    Posted 08-15-2020 10:01


    My problem is some features are not actually a specific feature but they are a solution. For example I had a scenario for having two separate OSPF domain while I need to have an unbroken LSP between two sides.

    One of the tech guy here guided(Thanks him) me on configuration and I done it by routing instance no-forward. The questions is how can we be sure about these types of cases?

    This is the case:


    Can I be sure this works fine on MX960 as well?

  • 4.  RE: Features on vMX and actual MX960

    Posted 08-16-2020 04:13

    By feature I'm referring to the configuration hierarchy in your device configuration.  You search these major terms in feature explorer and this will show whether this can be configured on which devices.  


    Yes, the process is tedious to be sure on this.


    As a general rule if you have the config loaded and working on a vMX it is going to work on the MX240 and up series.  But the only way to be positive is to confirm it in the lab or run all the major feature stanzas through feature explorer and confirm they are permitted.