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validate / no-validate

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  • 1.  validate / no-validate

    Posted 01-31-2020 08:25



    When upgrading Junos I am unclear about the use of no-validate, in that if you get 'invalid encoded string' when using validate against certain configuration lines and you were then to use the no-validate to upgrade the Junos, what impact will this have on those lines that were first identified as 'invalid encoded string'. Will this break your snmp config for example, remove the identified lines of config or highlight them as unsupported in the configuration output ?

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    Posted 01-31-2020 08:53

    Hi colin5000,


    Greetings, when you use the validate knob the device will validate if the existing configuration is compatible with the new image before the actual upgrade or downgrade starts and let you know what is the issue and stop the upgrade if any incompatibilities were found. Using the no-validate the upgrade will succeed but if there are configuration compatibility discrepancies between the old image and new image, the system may not be able to apply the configuration when the system comes up on a newer software image after upgrade and traffic may get impacted until the configuration is corrected and manually committed.

    In other words the no-validate' option will bypass most sanity checks, so MUST be used with caution.


    NOTE: In case your device is a QFX Please take into consideration that configuration Image Validation is not supported for these platforms during upgrade or downgrade.

    It is recommended, to test the compatibility of the configuration prior to the software upgrade on a non-production QFX device.

    Lil Dexx JNCIE-ENT#863


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  • 3.  RE: validate / no-validate

    Posted 02-03-2020 00:17

    Thank you Lil, so as suspected no-validate has potential to cause problems and therefore config line comparison sounds like a good pre and post check. I would have to assume that if the issue was software feature related that it could be fixed by alternative cli commands, but if not then I would need to revert back to the original release.


    Thank you for the add-on comment about QFX, something I will look into, as the 5110 does have different feature support to the 5100.