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BFD mode supported on MX5

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  • 1.  BFD mode supported on MX5

    Posted 07-14-2017 23:55

    Hi everybody,


    I am trying to find BFD supported modes on JUNOS.  In Cisco, we have two modes : Control mode, echo mode.

    Does JUNOS only support Control mode  control messages are exchanges as keep alive mehanism which is proessed by CPU?


    Echo mode:  echo messages are exchanged at data plane so it is added as an opton in BFD standard later .


    Thanks and have a nice weekend!!


    It appears JUNOS only support Control mode :



  • 2.  RE: BFD mode supported on MX5

    Posted 07-15-2017 00:50

    Hi Sarah,



    Juniper donesnot support echo mode. please find the below link for supported and non supported RFC for BFD




    Hope this helps

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  • 3.  RE: BFD mode supported on MX5
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    Posted 07-15-2017 02:50



    Juniper supports Centralized and Distributed BFD where centralized BFD refer to BFD that runs on the Routing Engine and  Distributed is PFE based.


    Below command tells if BFD is centralized or Distributed:


    lab@mx240-3-re0> show ppm adjacencies detail
    Protocol: OSPF2, Hold time: 40000, IFL-index: 359
    Distributed: FALSE
    OSPF source key:, OSPF area ID:
    In the example above, the “Distributed” flag is false. Hence, OSPF is running on RE PPMD

    lab@mx240-3-re0# run show ppm adjacencies detail
    Protocol: BFD, Hold time: 900, IFL-index: 359
    Distributed: TRUE
    BFD discriminator: 16, BFD routing table index: 0
    Here, the “Distributed” flag is TRUE. Hence BFD is distributed to PFE




    Please refer the below documents for more details:











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