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Instance-import and received routing updates

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  • 1.  Instance-import and received routing updates

    Posted 06-24-2017 20:58


    Hi everybody,


    Please consider the following toplogy:

    R1-- JUNOS4

    Above,, are behind R1, R1 is Cisco router, JUNOS is Juniper, both are running RIP Ver2,



    Can we use instance-import command on master table on JUNOS to control which RIP announced prefix will enter master table?





    I noticed :

    INSTANCE-IMPORT can not be used to control what routes learned via RIP , running within master instance, get installed into master table.

    INSTANCE-IMPORT controls if  routes  from other routing instances can be installed into a particular routing instance where INSTANCE-IMPORT is appled.


    Am I correct?  I am a newbie , just trying to learn Juniper, little by little.





    Thanks and have a nice weekend!!




  • 2.  RE: Instance-import and received routing updates
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    Posted 06-25-2017 00:47
    Yes, Instance-import will be used for route redistribution between custom routing instances .
    If we need to apply routing policies to the dynamic routing protocols, we need to use the import / export keyword under respective protocols .

    In this case , we can apply the policy BIG to RIP protocol, some thing like this ...
    set protocols rip import BIG

    For more details ..https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/topics/topic-map/rip-import-policy.html

  • 3.  RE: Instance-import and received routing updates

    Posted 07-04-2017 10:39

    Thanks Pradeep