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Telemetry gRPC call for ae/LAG interface statistics

  • 1.  Telemetry gRPC call for ae/LAG interface statistics

    Posted 10-09-2020 00:01



    sensors for LAG interfaces are found in /junos/chassis/aggregated-devices/

    is it also available as a gRPC call since customer using it and would it include the statistics info?

    In other words, how to get bellow data using gRPC call?


    show interfaces ae0 statistics
    Physical interface: ae0, Enabled, Physical link is Up
      Interface index: 130, SNMP ifIndex: 569
      Link-level type: Flexible-Ethernet, MTU: 1522, Speed: 10Gbps, BPDU Error: None, MAC-REWRITE Error: None, Loopback: Disabled, Source filtering: Disabled,
      Flow control: Disabled
      Pad to minimum frame size: Disabled
      Minimum links needed: 1, Minimum bandwidth needed: 1bps
      Device flags   : Present Running
      Interface flags: SNMP-Traps Internal: 0x4000
      Current address:
      Last flapped   : 2020-10-02 12:04:15 UTC (5d 04:41 ago)
      Statistics last cleared: Never
      Input rate     : 7560 bps (16 pps)
      Output rate    : 164072 bps (24 pps)
      Input errors: 0, Output errors: 0