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  • 1.  Redundant internet connection

    Posted 10-29-2020 03:04

    Hi, please suggest me which way is the best to achieve what I need as I kinda lost in the variants. It's probably a trivial question so the reply is probably just a link to the right article on topic.


    I have the SRX 3xx as a gateway device. Hoster provides it with two Internet connections, e. g. two default routes. The device has several external subnets configured. I'm trying to figure how to:

    1. Make some of the subnets working on both external links. It doesn't look like I can just set up the same subnets on both interfaces. It doesn't look like VRRP will help either. What else? Set up a separate routing instance? Set the subnets on lo0 and include it into the same security-zone as the internet links?

    2. Make the internet connection redundant, e. g. stop using the default route in case it fails/start using it once it is available. What's here? Set the rpm probes?

    3. Give the replies from the same external interface the request arrived on. Should I bother about it at all?


  • 2.  Re: Redundant internet connection

    Posted 10-29-2020 03:43

    @andrei_C, I seen your reply which is now deleted (?). My question is much more simple than the one you answering to. I'm not trying to build a redundant solution on my own with the dynamic routing and whatnot. I'm just trying to utilize what I have in the right way (e. g. what would you do with two default routes in my case).

  • 3.  Re: Redundant internet connection

    Posted 10-30-2020 11:51



    In this case it's very strain forward way 





    Depending on how "critical" is for your Intenet availability - I would consider a 2nd ISP.

    The formula I found some time ago is very simple - take the price of new ISP uplink and the "loss $" in case you lose your 1st ISP? If the amount of "loss $" is high then price 🙂 - you need it - if not - ignore it 🙂



    I also noted that my posts are somehow dropped ... maybe I am doing something wrong ;(