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Mx204 junos upgrade failed

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  • 1.  Mx204 junos upgrade failed

    Posted 10-18-2020 22:45

    Trying to upgrade junos from 17.4 to 19.5 or 20.x they all fail with same error.


    root> request vmhost software add /var/tmp/junos-vmhost-install-mx-x86-64-19.4R3.11.tgz
    Junos Validation begin. Procedure will take few minutes.
    ERROR: Failed to extract vmhost bundle from /var/tmp/junos-vmhost-install-mx-x86-64-19.4R3.11.tgz
    warning: Host software installation has failed.

    root> show version
    Model: mx204
    Junos: 17.4R1.16
    JUNOS OS Kernel 64-bit [20171206.f4cad52_builder_stable_11]


    any idea what is causing it??

  • 2.  Re: Mx204 junos upgrade failed

    Posted 10-18-2020 22:55

    I can initially think of two things: corrupted or only partially downloaded image from juniper.net or lack of disk space on the MX204.


    Can you verify that your image for 19.4R3 matches the following sha256 hash via 'file checksum sha-256 /path/to/file.tgz'



    Secondly check that you are not lacking disk space via 'show system storage' - and if in doubt do a 'request system storage cleanup dry-run' to see if any large files shows up in the list. You can then either manually remove specific files or just remove 'dry-run' from the command to delete all files listed via the previous command.


    Let us know how you progress with the upgrade with the above inputs.

  • 3.  Re: Mx204 junos upgrade failed

    Posted 10-19-2020 01:41

    root> show system storage
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
    /dev/md0.uzip 22M 22M 0B 100% /
    devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev
    /dev/gpt/junos 10.0G 1.6G 7.6G 17% /.mount
    devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /.mount/dev
    /dev/md1.uzip 24M 24M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/os-libs-11
    /dev/md2.uzip 21M 21M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/os-runtime
    procfs 4.0K 4.0K 0B 100% /.mount/proc
    /dev/gpt/config 952M 68K 876M 0% /.mount/config
    /dev/gpt/var 30G 2.6G 25G 9% /.mount/var
    tmpfs 13G 12K 13G 0% /.mount/tmp
    /dev/md3.uzip 1.5M 1.5M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/os-zoneinfo64-a56859f8
    /dev/md4.uzip 17M 17M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-net
    /dev/md5.uzip 19M 19M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-libs
    /dev/md6.uzip 18M 18M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/os-libs-compat32-11
    /dev/md7.uzip 538K 538K 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/os-compat32
    /dev/md8.uzip 100M 100M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-libs-compat32
    /dev/md9.uzip 599M 599M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-runtime
    /dev/md10.uzip 100M 100M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-runtime/web-api/jail/junos-libs
    /dev/md11.uzip 17M 17M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-runtime/web-api/jail/junos-net
    /var/jails/rest-api 30G 2.6G 25G 9% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-runtime/web-api/var
    /dev/md12 18M 18M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-runtime/web-api/jail/rt
    /dev/md13.uzip 188K 188K 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-vmguest-mtx64-bfd8b388
    /dev/md14.uzip 10M 10M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/py-extensions32-e3056658
    /dev/md15.uzip 14M 14M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/py-base32-09e8314d
    /dev/md16.uzip 94K 94K 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/os-vmguest64-a050063a
    /dev/md17.uzip 8.0M 8.0M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/os-crypto
    /dev/md18.uzip 6.6M 6.6M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-libs-compat32-mx
    /dev/md19.uzip 277M 277M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-runtime-mx
    /dev/md20.uzip 49M 49M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-platform
    /dev/md21.uzip 36M 36M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-modules64-256fc166
    /dev/md22.uzip 5.3M 5.3M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-modules-mx64-00c69b60
    /dev/md23.uzip 672K 672K 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-libs-mx
    /dev/md24.uzip 30M 30M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-dp-crypto-support-mtx32-11cf89ab
    /dev/md25.uzip 232M 232M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-daemons64-012e7c69
    /dev/md26.uzip 147M 147M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/junos-daemons-mx64-10d8b0e5
    /dev/md27.uzip 15M 15M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/jsdn32-402b9296
    /dev/md28.uzip 12M 12M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/jsd-jet-132-54e7a550
    /dev/md29.uzip 588M 588M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/jpfe-wrlinux32-f0231f88
    /dev/md30.uzip 569M 569M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/jpfe-X96032-b503d06a
    /dev/md31.uzip 60M 60M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/jpfe-common32-89ef61a9
    /dev/md32.uzip 561M 561M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/jpfe-X32-c4565dbd
    /dev/md33.uzip 441M 441M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/jfirmware32-1e745fdd
    /dev/md34.uzip 13M 13M 0B 100% /.mount/packages/mnt/jdocs32-e997ded1
    tmpfs 2.7G 1.0M 2.7G 0% /.mount/mfs
    junosprocfs 4.0K 4.0K 0B 100% /.mount/junosproc
    /dev/ada1s2 91M 994K 90M 1% /.mount/var/host


    checksum mismatch. This is interesting because upload is 100% success but why checksum failed.

    Anyway I can wget file directly from server instead of sftp.


  • 4.  Betreff: Mx204 junos upgrade failed
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    Posted 10-18-2020 23:15



    one addition to Jonas' answer, a direct upgrade from 17.4 to 19.4 is not supported. Juniper just supported the upgrade to the next 2 major releases. This means the supported upgrade path would be "17.4 --> 18.2 --> 18.4 --> 19.2 --> 19.4".

    It doesn't mean that just this path works, but the jump from 17.4 to 19.4 is quite huge, you could run into some problems here.


    You can find the upgrade policy here: