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GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

  • 1.  GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

    Posted 10-19-2020 23:43


    Referring to following link:


    I wonder how many inline GRE tunnel can be configured on MPC10E-10C ?

    Thank you


  • 2.  Re: GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

    Posted 10-20-2020 00:14

    Hi, you can configure one gre interface per PFE. There are 2 PFE for MPC10E-10C and 3 PFE for MPC10E-15C. 

    Each tunnel can be from 1g to 400g bandwidth.

    And do not forget that we can encapsulate/decapsulate gre traffic with firewall filters 


  • 3.  Re: GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

    Posted 10-20-2020 00:59

    Hi Asoltanian,


    MPC10E-15C/10C supports a single pseudo tunnel PIC per PFE. JUNOS CLI configuration is provided to configure a tunnel on a pseudo PIC basis.Optionally, the tunnel bandwidth can be specified in the JUNOS CLI while configuring a tunnel. The valid tunnel bandwidth is in the range 1G..400G with 1G increments. If no tunnel bandwidth is specified, the maximum tunnel bandwidth supported by the underlying PFE will be assumed.


    Hope this helps 

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  • 4.  Re: GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

    Posted 10-20-2020 01:08

    Dear Alls

    So based On What I understood it really depends on Capacity of the Card which is identified by number of PFEs

    Consider this scenario, I want to configure 30xGRE tunnels with about 2GE traffic.So I will have about 60Gbps Tunnel-enacapsulated traffic.  then Can I configure it on one MPC10E?

    About Filter-based Tunneling Feature: This means I can Send some traffic inside of a Tunnel and don't send some traffic to Tunnel Right?

    So this feature is optional. Right?

    Another New question: can I have MPLS on this GRE tunnel?

    Thank you



  • 5.  Re: GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

    Posted 10-20-2020 01:35

    Hi, you can configure these tunnels on single interface with required number of units(there can be upto 4k units per interface).


    GRE en/decapsulation with firewall filter ,  means that you can manipulate traffic without configuring gr- interfaces

    For example 

    set firewall family inet filter gre_encap_1 term t1 then encapsulate tunnel_1
    set firewall tunnel-end-point tunnel_1 ipv4 source-address
    set firewall tunnel-end-point tunnel_1 ipv4 destination-address
    set firewall tunnel-end-point tunnel_1 gre
    then you can apply filter gre_encap_1 to any interface which traffic you want to send via tunnel

  • 6.  Re: GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

    Posted 10-20-2020 01:47


    Thank you for the answer.

    So I can practically define "Sub-interfaces" on GRE tunnel.

    I don't think I need firewall configuration, My setup is this:

    I want to form OSPF Adjacency over GRE tunnel plus MPLS/LDP Neighbor relationship. Then over this setup establish L2VPN L2Circuit(p2p) from Other end of GRE tunnel to an interface over this Juniper MX.

    I assume this setup is working.

    Is this assumption correct?

    Thank you


  • 7.  Re: GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

    Posted 10-20-2020 03:00


    Another question is :

    Can these unit interfaces on one GRE interface be configured with different sources and destinations? or not?

    Thank you


  • 8.  Re: GRE Tunnel Support on MPC10E

    Posted 10-27-2020 05:05


    Some more questions about GRE on MPC10E:

    1-Can unit interfaces on one GRE  be configured with different sources and destinations ip addresses?

    2- Is MPLS supported on GRE tunnel?

    3- Considering these notes

    - This card has 10x100GE ports and works in Line-Rate mode if we use enhanced Midplane. This means 1Tbps throughput.

    - This card has two PFE with 500Gbps.

    Now considering above notes:

    1- Using two GRE tunnel means we cannot use two 100GE port?

    2- If I configured a tunnel with Source interface on Ports of this Card, what will be the effect on Line Card performance? A port will not be useable at line rate speed. right?

    3- Can we scale up the capacity of GRE tunnel to 500Gbps?

    Thank you