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  • 1.  PyEZ table with duplicate fields

    Posted 09-16-2015 23:33

    Hi all,


    I'm trying to figure out how to create a YAML table for the output of "show multicast route" which can have multiple duplicate fields for the downstream interface. For e.g.


    <rpc-reply xmlns:junos="">
        <multicast-route-information xmlns="">
                <multicast-route junos:style="brief">

    The field <downstream-interface-names> has multiple <interface-name>. Just wondering how I can create the YAML table for this.





  • 2.  RE: PyEZ table with duplicate fields

    Posted 09-17-2015 01:21



    The documentation is difficult to understand how to do this, I did however do exactly what you are trying to achieve.


    The old techwiki looks to have been migrated to the forum here;



    The wiki is the documentation that I used to figure it out.


    My exmaple on an SRX is for the sessions table;


    get-flow-session-information <- RPC

    Within <flow-session-information> there are multiple <flow-session> records with two <flow-information> records




        <flow-session-information xmlns="">
            <flow-session junos:style="brief">
                <flow-information junos:style="brief">
                <flow-information junos:style="brief">

    The YAML file for this is


      rpc: get-flow-session-information
      item: flow-session
      key: session-identifier
      view: FlowSessView
        id: session-identifier
        app: application-name
        policy: policy
        state: sess-state
        flow: _rspTable
      item: flow-information
      key: direction
      view: _rspView
        dir: direction
        src: source-address
        src_port: source-port
        dst: destination-address
        dst_port: destination-port
        proto: protocol
        int: interface-name
        pkt: pkt-cnt
        byte: byte-cnt

    The code to access the data


    catalog = loadyaml('flowsess.yml')
    flows = catalog['FlowSessTable'](dev).get()

    for flow in flows: print "+ id:{:<10} Policy:{:<30}".format(, for item in flow.flow: print "+ Direction:{:<4} - src:{:<16} -> dst:{:<16} protocol:{:<5} +" .format(item.dir, item.src, item.dst, item.proto)

    You can see that I have accessed the FlowSessTable and then create the first iterator to view the <flow-session> records and another iterator to view both <flow-information> records per session.



  • 3.  RE: PyEZ table with duplicate fields

    Posted 09-17-2015 03:13

    Hi Tim,


    Thanks for your reply. I've not tried it out yet, but I see that my case is slightly different from yours. For my case, the <interface-name> which are duplicates and these are the "fields" and not an "item" (like <downstream-interface-names>) :-





  • 4.  RE: PyEZ table with duplicate fields

    Posted 09-17-2015 03:47



    I see what you are referring too now. I have found another xml structure with duplicates.



    I will try on my system.



  • 5.  RE: PyEZ table with duplicate fields
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-17-2015 16:32



    I tested this and confirmed that the duplicates can be model in YAML as a single entry. When you access the field in python it will return a list of values.


      ds-if: interface-name 

    When you access ds-if it would contain


    ['xe-4/0/0.3', 'ae6.5']

    Then you just need to iterate through the list to access each text field 🙂


    Let me know if you need anymore help.





  • 6.  RE: PyEZ table with duplicate fields

    Posted 09-17-2015 20:56

    Hi Tim,


    Thanks for your help with this. I've not coded it yet but since you have tested it, I'm sure it'll work.



  • 7.  RE: PyEZ table with duplicate fields

    Posted 09-17-2015 23:11

    For those interested, here's the YAML table I ended up with :-


        rpc: get-multicast-route-information
            - multicast-group-address
            - multicast-source-address
        item: route-family/multicast-route
        view: MulticastView
           group_add: multicast-group-address
           source_add: multicast-source-address
           upstream_int: upstream-interface-name
           downstream_int: downstream-interface-names/interface-name


    As Tim mentioned above, the "downstream_int" is a string when there is no duplicate and will be a list when there are multiple entries.



  • 8.  RE: PyEZ table with duplicate fields

    Posted 09-18-2015 06:39

    Thanks for sharing your working results.  

    More examples is always better.