ppp-over-ethernet vs flexible-ethernet-services vs demux0

  • 1.  ppp-over-ethernet vs flexible-ethernet-services vs demux0

    Posted 11-21-2020 05:07

    We are trying to setup PPPoE and other Ethernet services (vlan-ccc and vlan-bridge) on the same physical interface but we have discovered we are unable to do encapsulation ppp-over-ethernet when flexible-ethernet-services is enabled.

    Is it not possible to do encapsulation ppp-over-ethernet and flexible-ethernet-services at the same time?

    We switched to VLAN demux0 but when we enable more than one physical underlying interfaces on demux0, the pfe reboots. i.e

    ge-1/0/1 -> VLAN 1 -> demux0.1 -> underlying-interface ge-1/0/1 and

    ge-1/0/2 -> VLAN 2 -> demux0.2 -> underlying-interface ge-1/0/2.

    Since only demux0 interface is supported per chassis, am I right to conclude that we can have one demux0 underlying-interface on one chassis to support PPPoE?

    What solution have you guys used for our situation.


    Desmon K