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CoS configuration settings

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  • 1.  CoS configuration settings

    Posted 04-19-2018 07:26

    Hi all,


    I have a question regarding CoS settings.

    We obviously wish to enable our new network to Guarantee bandwidth to VoIP (SIP).... So, I know the CoS settings to apply for a basic configuration and was answered superbly by the experts here. What I am a little confused about is the best way to complete the following, or the recommendations.


    We will have a 10g pipe one end of the CoS and I want to be able to configure the CoS for 70% (or whatever the recommendations are). What I mean by this is that best effort is used for all traffic until 70% (or recommended) of the 10g pipe is utilised and then CoS takes the VoIP (SIP) queue as high importance traffic to use the remaining 3g and the rest of the data as best effort. So, 2 questions really:


    1: Is 70% the recommended for the pipe or is it less or more?

    2: Is it best to let the Policing complete this on ingress or the RED settings on egress?


    I will need to work out heirarchical CoS for the LNS end.... unless someone knows this and can give me a config  🙂



  • 2.  RE: CoS configuration settings
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    Posted 04-20-2018 01:00

    I think I will run with decision of applying a very small buffer to the VoIP (SIP) pipe as it's UDP traffic anyway and if it is held for too long the packet will be useless.