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routing capacity of RE-S-2000-4096

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  • 1.  routing capacity of RE-S-2000-4096

    Posted 11-25-2019 04:03

    Hi all


    I've been trying to find the routing and forwarding capacity of the RE-S-2000-4096 board (specifically for a MX-480), but I can't find it.


    I know it's EOL but we're planning to use it temporarily to hold a full BGP (IPv4 and IPv6) routing table. It's capable with current values (780.000 entries for IPv4 and 80.000 for IPv6 aprox)?


    What are their limits?



  • 2.  RE: routing capacity of RE-S-2000-4096
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    Posted 11-25-2019 08:03



    For RE2000, you should only be concerned with routing table size. For forwarding, it depends on type of line cards you are using.


    RE2000 has 4G of memory running 32bit rpd. I think it has 2G max for rpd. It should be capable running of a few copies internet tables comfortably, let's say 2-3 


    However if you'd like to know the exact limit and your expectation is higher than what I mentioned above, I'd suggest to work with your account team/system engineer 

  • 3.  RE: routing capacity of RE-S-2000-4096

    Posted 11-26-2019 22:57

    Thanks. That's enough, at least while we go for a more powerful solution.