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How to do an snapshot on QFX5110

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  • 1.  How to do an snapshot on QFX5110

    Posted 08-24-2020 02:18

    Hi all !


    I would like to do a snapshot on QFX5110 , but the command request system snapshot do not appear on the CLI, neither using an USB as this link mentions : 



    Someone knows How can I do a snapshot or something similar on QFX5110? 


    Many thanks !


    Marga : ) 

  • 2.  RE: How to do an snapshot on QFX5110

    Posted 08-24-2020 02:32

    Hi Marga,


    request system snapshot” is not supported in the QFX5110 platforms, the document that you’re following is an old one that does not include that QFX5110 is not supported for snapshots. I have raised a request to get the document rectified and add this detail.


    If you are trying to recover the device from a previous version you can follow this document:


    [EX/QFX] Recovery installation for QFX10K and EX4300-MP



    Hope this helps.


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  • 3.  RE: How to do an snapshot on QFX5110
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    Posted 08-24-2020 03:29

    Hi Marga,


    To answer your query “request system snapshot” has been removed intentionally due to below reasons.


    • On QFX platforms where JUNOS runs on a VM, the Linux host version need to be compatible with Junos version for the box to be stable. Allowing JUNOS only snapshots through “request system snapshot” does not ensure this compatibility with host Linux version. 
    • We have seen cases where snapshots were done for an old JUNOS image, and the box upgraded using the complete image(new JUNOS + new host Linux) and then a JUNOS snapshot recovery was attempted. This resulted in the box ending in a bad state. To avoid that, snapshot has been disabled.


    So for backup you can have a copy of current configuration on your local system and  reinstall Junos using an USB and then load the configuration back.


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