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QFX-5120-48Y Virtual Chassis

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  • 1.  QFX-5120-48Y Virtual Chassis

    Posted 08-25-2019 21:45

    Dear Juniper 

        Could you please help me? I have QFX-5120-48Y 2 box, they form VC with xe-0/044 and xe-0/0/45. Two port VC is up but VC status is NotPrsnt.


    The configuration is Below










  • 2.  RE: QFX-5120-48Y Virtual Chassis

    Posted 08-25-2019 22:35



    NotPrsnt indicates that the other device is not physically detected.


    Please connect to the FPC1 via console and share the output of "show virtual-chassis status" and "show virtual-chassis vc-port".



    Pradeep Kumar.

  • 3.  RE: QFX-5120-48Y Virtual Chassis

    Posted 08-25-2019 22:58

    Hi Pradeep Kumar, as your request.

    Thank you for your support.




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    Posted 08-25-2019 23:06



    This output seems to be from FPC0(XH3719250095) from which you shared the initial outputs. I need you to console into device with SN: XH3719250045 and share the requested output.



    Pradeep Kumar.

  • 5.  RE: QFX-5120-48Y Virtual Chassis

    Posted 08-25-2019 23:21

    Hi Pradeep Kumar.

    Sorry for my mistake, Please see out put.Capture5.PNG


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    Posted 08-25-2019 23:34

    Hi Priya,


    Thanks for the output. Your configurations and connections are all good.


    However, as Riyaz mentioned, VC doesn't seem to be supported yet on QFX5120-48Y and is expected to be supported from 19.3 which is yet to be released. Thanks Riyaz for the update.


    You can keep checking for the updates on this at the Feature Explorer https://apps.juniper.net/feature-explorer/select-platform.html?category=Switching&typ=1#family=&pid=31705120&platform=QFX5120-48Y&rel=18.4R1&sid=918&stat=0.5212365738320373&swName=Junos+OS


    Hope this helps.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Pradeep Kumar.



  • 7.  RE: QFX-5120-48Y Virtual Chassis

    Posted 08-25-2019 23:42

    Hi All 

    Thank for your support.

  • 8.  RE: QFX-5120-48Y Virtual Chassis

    Posted 08-25-2019 23:07

    Hi Priyavit,


    The VC feature will supported on QFX5120-48Y (2-member VC) in future Junos 19.3, expected to release some time end of the year (tentatively Sep-Oct) 2019.  




    • Supported Features for QFX5120




     The following platforms QFX switches natively support the feature Virtual-Chassis:
    • QFX5100
    • QFX5110
    • QFX5200 (32C only)
    • QFX3500
    • QFX3600



    Hope this helps.



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