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Need a snapshot of EX2300 48-P

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  • 1.  Need a snapshot of EX2300 48-P

    Posted 04-28-2018 12:46

    After I tried to reset/zeroize the EX2300,  It came back and lost all of its functionality.

    Meaning; Bricked, no bootable Kernel and No Junos at all.


    I tried the top -google search/output, and no success.

    What I have tried?

    - tftpboot with bootable USB > Data is flowing but after completing transfer; the prompt returned, nothing happened!

    - install from loader > error; /bin/sh install not found

    - in Menu option bootmenu: boot from bootable-USB > attempting to access USB > Fail and return back to Main-menu 😞


    So, there is one LAST option I did not tried.

    - Recover from snapshot of an identical switch.


    And here is my question;

    - Can anyone provide me a snapshot from a Juniper EX2300 48 port switch?


    It can be retrieved by this command:

    "request system snapshot media usb partition"


    I would be delightful by any help!

    Thanks in advance.


  • 2.  RE: Need a snapshot of EX2300 48-P

    Posted 04-29-2018 06:34

    If you were running 15.1X53-D56 or 15.1X53-D57 there is a known issue when you cannot recover the switch after doing a zeroize.


    I don't know if I can paste the solution here as it's not a public PR so please contact JTAC if possible.

  • 3.  RE: Need a snapshot of EX2300 48-P
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    Posted 04-29-2018 08:43

    Hi Jonas,


    Thanks for your respond and Luckyly i was able to fix the whole system and have Full-functionallity!


    I did format a USB stick with the USB-image as download from the Juniper-support-website.

    On the device, Under; boot-options I was able to select USB-Boot and out of nothing, the system recognized all what was needed and executed the bootload from USB.

    It booted one more time and came back 100% and I was able to access the Junos CLI.

    Actually, a pretty forward recvovery!


    All you need is a USB-image from the Juniper-Support-Download section.

    Make a bootable USB-image with 3th part software.

    - I used: Win32Diskimager.

    Boot from this USB and sit, wait and smile


    Best regards,