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Virtual chassis VS Virtual chassis fabric

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  • 1.  Virtual chassis VS Virtual chassis fabric

    Posted 12-15-2018 12:58

    Hi everyone,

    I  got the basisc down on Virtual chassis technology on EX switches.  I am trying to understand Virtual chassis fabric technology  why one wants to use Virtual Chassis Fabric instead of Virtual chassis technology?  I know it is  a very loaded question .

    Virtual chassis can suport 10 switches while Virtual chassis fabric can support 20.  It appears to me, we use Fabric technologfy where more ports, throughput is needed .  Is that it ?


    Thanks and have a nice weekend!!

  • 2.  RE: Virtual chassis VS Virtual chassis fabric
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    Posted 12-15-2018 14:29

    Essentially, VCF is tuned for east-west traffic while VC is better suited for north-south user traffic.