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Juniper automation is slow

  • 1.  Juniper automation is slow

    Posted 12-12-2021 05:21

    I'm trying to perform a thousand request from terraform to juniper using netconf. 

    I try on different juniper: 
    v-srx 4gb 4vcpu

    Terraform connect to the juniper device, run a show command to get the state of every objects. And this is very slow on all juniper except the virtual srx appliance

    Example, running this command:
    ssh netconf@ip -i key -s netconf
    Take less than 1sec on v-srx and around 3sec on the srx300 or 1500.

    I try to monitor CPU and RAM on both firewall and everything seem ok. i try different auth method but without success.

    Can someone tell me what can reduce the performance on a physical appliance while my virtual appliance showing a much faster output.
    Maybe there is some tweak that can be applied ?

    Thanks you,

    Oliver Duruiss