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SRX 220 and Carrier

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  • 1.  SRX 220 and Carrier

    Posted 09-15-2021 14:47
    Hello folks,
    I have an SRX220 that drops connectivity to my new Comcast Carrier (Modem). I previously had it setup on a traditional carrier.
    It worked wonderfully for years!
    When the connection drops the SRX goes into a hard down and the only way to recover is manually rebooting the SRX on site. This has happened several times now, and I have replaced the SRX with a spare, same outcome. Interestingly the carrier modem remains up, but cannot reach the downed SRX until I reboot it. I see no errors on the carrier modem.

    I'm wondering if I'm getting BPDU errors on the link from somewhere?  Is there a way I can use a sysylog server or some other way to capture what is going on? Should I disable the uplink protocols from STP/BPDU's even the the link is non vlan? Or do I have a switch that is causing this outage on the SRX? I am connected to the SRX with a Cisco access switch, but have never had an issue there in past...Thoughts please?

    Scott Lucas