YAPT (Yet Another Provisioning Tool) 

10-14-2021 14:45

YAPT is a tool to demonstrate Juniper automation capabilities on SRX / EX / VMX / NFX platform. Zero Touch Provisioning could be demonstrated for example during customer PoC.

Use Cases

Centralised Provisioning before shipment

During the boot sequence the device will get initial configuration parameters and connects to a centralised server that would build and deliver a device specific configuration. The location is determined by device's serial number. But could also be any other device specific information.

Once all provisioning / verification tasks are done, device can be shipped to it's final destination. The ability to provision more than one device at the same time is also possible within the YAPT workflow.

Decentralized provisioning with Phone Home

Device will be shipped to it's final destination.

The provisioning process consists of several tasks:

  • Device calls home using Juniper redirect service pointing to YAPT
  • Bootstrap config will be applied using Phone Home
  • YAPT starts provisioning process

RMA a device

Another use case is device replacement in case of hardware defect. It depends on which provisioning method is being used (either Centralized or Decentralized) how the new device will be provisioned.


YAPT has a modular architecture based on plugins and a bus system.

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