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Video: Upgrading 128T with 128T Installer 

05-24-2018 15:26

In the above video, we show you how to upgrade your 128T conductor or router using the 128T installer. 

Performing an upgrade means that you already have a 128T conductor or router installed and 128 Technology has released a new version of the software. If you are looking to install a new 128T conductor or router, you will want to watch our e-learnings on how to do that. 

Checking For Updates

The first thing you will want to do is check if there is a new version of the 128 Technology software available to upgrade to. Do this by issuing:

$ sudo yum list 128T

If you see something similar to below, then there is software you can upgrade to: 

Stopping 128T

In order to upgrade, make sure you stop the 128T software. Do that by issuing:

$ sudo systemctl stop 128T

128T Installer

Next, you will want to make sure your 128T installer is up to date. Do that by issuing:

$ sudo yum update 128T-installer

Then run the installer:

$ sudo install128t

You should see the 128T splash screen like so:

Press <return> to begin. 

The next screen lets you know that you already have a certificate installed. You can overwrite it and put in a new certificate if you like, but you should not need to this:

The next screen lets you know that you already have 128T software installed and asks you what you would like to do:

Upgrade - upgrades the 128T software, but keeps your configuration
Reinstall - wipes out the 128T configuration and starts from scratch 

Make sure the option you want to select is highlighted, press the <space bar> to highlight it and <return> to move to the next screen. 

On the next screen, you select the system software version you want to install:

The 128T installer will create the list of available packages to upgrade to based on the contents of the software repository hosted by 128 Technology.

Select the version of software you want to upgrade to with <space bar> and then <return> to start the upgrade process. 

Now the 128T installer will run and upgrade your software. You can watch what actions are being performed if you like. The upgrade should only take a couple of minutes. 

Once completed, you should see a confirmation screen like this: 
Select < Yes > is you would like start your 128T service, or < No > if you would like to do it manually. 

To start 128T manually, issue:

$ sudo systemctl start 128T

To verify that the upgrade worked, log in to your 128T:

$ su admin

and issue:

# show system version


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