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Video: Upgrade 128Ts Using Conductor 

06-28-2018 17:19

Performing an upgrade means that you already have a 128T conductor or router installed, and 128 Technology has released a new version of the software. If you are looking to install a new 128T conductor or router, you will want to watch the Video: Installing a 128T Router Managed by a 128T Conductor. 

NOTE: It is best practice to create a backup of your configuration before performing an upgrade. If you are not sure on how to do that check out the Video: Configurations Using the 128T GUI or the Video: Configurations Using the 128T PCLI.

NOTE: You can only upgrade your 128T routers to the software version of your 128T conductor or older. So if you want to upgrade your conductor and your routers, you need to upgrade your conductor first. 

Log in to your 128T conductor by inputting your management IP address in your browser and then inputting your username and password. 

Once logged in, go to Admin Central and click on the Assets menu. 

The Assets menu is where you manage all of your 128Ts connected to your conductor. You can complete actions such as restart and stop your 128Ts, as well as get information, such as which version of software is running. 

As you can see, I have selected my conductor and it is running software version 3.2.3. Also, note that there are blue dots above the Download buttons next to my routers. This means that there are some upgrade releases available to download for my 128T routers. 

The upgrade process works in two steps:
  1. Download the software version you want to upgrade to
  2. Upgrade to that version
NOTE: You cannot upgrade your software unless you download it first. 

Click on the Download button next to the router to show which software versions are available to download. 

Select the version you want to download and then wait a couple of minutes to complete the download. 

Once complete, the blue dot will now appear above the Upgrade button. Click that button and select the version you want to upgrade to. 

Select Upgrade to confirm and then wait a couple more minutes for the upgrade to complete. 

NOTE: If you are not in an HA configuration, the upgrade can be service affecting. 

You can monitor the progress of your upgrade with the Assets menu. 

Once the upgrade is complete, the blue dots will disappear and you can see that your router is running the new version of software. 


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