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Feature Brief: Multipoint Secure Vector Routing 

12-10-2019 15:47

Applications such as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), financial market data, conferencing, gaming, corporate broadcasts, and collaborative computing require simultaneous communication between groups of participants. With IP Multicast, applications can send one copy of each packet and address it to a group of receivers rather than a single receiver. It is the responsibility of the network to forward packets to only the hosts that need to receive them. Multicast is a bandwidth conserving technology that reduces traffic by sending packets only once over shared links while delivering it to a large number of receivers.

Read this feature brief to understand how the 128T Session Smart™ Router provides a multicast solution by utilizing Secure Vector Routing (SVR) technology to establish Multipoint SVR (mSVR) sessions between participating 128T Session Smart Routers. 



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