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    RE: JNCIA-Junos Voucher

    could you tell me the Genius team email you sent to ?

  • That was it! I can ping when I change the loopback addresses on the CE routers from /24 to /128. I thought I had tried this before, but I think I had some extra cabling issues at that time. I removed the "allow-v4mapped-packets" and "allow-6pe-traceroute" ...

  • Hello, @CommitConfirm wrote: ::/24 is known via both ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/1, but the route via ge-0/0/0 is active. Since ge-0/0/0 points back to CE1, wouldn't the active route need to be the one via ge-0/0/1? Well spotted. There is ...

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  • Can you please provide following output from both the PE (PE1 and PE2) show route table red.inet6.0 :: show route table red.inet6.0 ::

  • Thank you. I have configured both "allow-v4mapped-packets" and "allow-6pe-traceroute" on all of the routers in the topology. Unfortunately, I am still unable to ping CE2 @ :: from CE1 :: I am noticing something interesting ...

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