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Routing and prefix delagation

  • 1.  Routing and prefix delagation

    Posted 12-03-2020 13:53
    We want to implement IPv6 prefix delegation to CPE (SRX300), a dhcpv6 server is locate on a server and service provider PE will act as relay dhcp, see image attached below that is showing our case.
    How can we configure SRX300 as client dhcpv6, so that SRX can allocate IPv6 to customer LAN ?
    I have configured PE as below:
    set forwarding-options dhcp-relay dhcpv6 group IPv6_CLIENTS interface <interface_name>
    set forwarding-options dhcp-relay dhcpv6 server-group DHCPv6_SERVER <DHCPv6_IPv6_address>
    set forwarding-options dhcp-relay dhcpv6 active-server-group DHCPv6_SERVER

    My last question, how can I indicate in the configuration IPv6 address that PE can use in order to send dhcpv6 sollicit message coming from SRX to dhcpv6 server ?
    Thank you for your support.
    Best regards,