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  • 1.  Bandwidth Calculations

    Posted 04-15-2009 23:55

    Hi JUNOS speakers,


    I have a weird question to post here. If I  have a peering link of 10Mbps dedicated link, why isn't the bandwidth calculated as 20Mbps since the upload is 10Mbps and download is also 10Mbps. Isn't 10+10 = 20?


    I would really appreciate if some saints out there could clear the air for me on this as it's been haunting me for a while.


    Thanks a lot.

  • 2.  RE: Bandwidth Calculations
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-16-2009 06:23

    Fun question 🙂


    The original term came out of the study of electomagnetic radiation - I would guess that most data transfers were originally non-duplex in nature so it made "sense"