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Recording: Cloud Circle Lightning Talk: Is BGP the “Upside Down” of Link-state underlay control plane? 

02-12-2021 16:37

Is BGP the “Upside Down” of Link-state underlay control plane?

Large-scale operators have largely settled on using BGP as their underlay protocol of choice. There is a movement, however, within the IETF, and among some large-scale operators, to move towards some form of link-state underlay control plane, rather than BGP. What is the thinking behind this movement?

Join Juniper Expert Network Engineer Russ White in an open and interactive discussion on this topic.

About Russ:


Russ White began working with computers in the mid-1980's, and computer networks in 1990. He has experience in designing, deploying, breaking, and troubleshooting large scale networks, and is a strong communicator from the white board to the board room. He has co-authored more than forty software patents, participated in the development of several Internet standards, helped develop the CCDE and the CCAr, and worked in Internet governance with the Internet Society. Russ has a background covering a broad spectrum of topics, including radio frequency engineering and graphic design, and is an active student of philosophy and culture.

Russ is a co-host of the History of Networking and Hedge podcasts, serves on the Routing Area Directorate and the Internet Architecture Board at the IETF, co-chairs the BABEL working group, and serves on the Technical Services Council/as a maintainer on the open source FR Routing project. His most recent works are Computer Networking Problems and Solutions, Network Disaggregation Fundamentals video training, and Abstraction in Computer Networks video training.


MSIT Capella University

MACM Shepherds Theological Seminary

PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

CCIE #2635, CCDE 2007:1, CCAr

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