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What is the best way to load balance using MX204's and QFX5510's.

  • 1.  What is the best way to load balance using MX204's and QFX5510's.

    Posted 12-05-2022 09:46

    Hello All,


    I am looking for a service provider solution.


    I was wondering what the best practice to implement load balancing between the routers and switches.


    Below is a diagram of our proposed network layout.


    BNG runs on both R1 and R2, customers connect via PPPoE. (BNG is currently separate for each router, R1 has its own and so does R2)



    The OLT uplinks connect to the switches. (SW2 Currently, however would like to have them connect to either SW1 or SW2)



    I would like to load balance between both routers to a single switch:




    et-0/0/48 and et-0/0/49


    going to


    R1 et-0/0/0


    R2 et-0/0/1


    and vice versa.


    I want to use the et-0/0/2 links between the routers and the et-0/0/50 links between the switches as backup links not to be used but will switch over in case of a link failure.


    I have seen lots of different ways of doing it but I want suggestions on a scalable and easy way to implement this within a few hours of downtime.


    Currently we have a static configuration for BNG, one on R1 and another on R2. We also do not currently have MPLS configured. We are currently only using one switch (SW2) and that's why we want to change that into a more reliable, and scalable and load balancing technique.


    My main reason is to utilise the bandwidth and redundant capabilities of our core while also being able to have resilience when things go down.

    I can provide further information if needed about our current setup.