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:vxlan.inet.0 table missing

  • 1.  :vxlan.inet.0 table missing

    Posted 07-08-2023 10:11
    Edited by Bart van Kampen 07-08-2023 10:13


    I'm trying to build a EVPN/VXLAN topolgy in my lab with the vJunos Switch (https://support.juniper.net/support/downloads/?p=vjunos Junos: 23.1R1.8):

    Everything works in the sense that Client1 ( can ping Client2 (
    But when I try to ping client 3 (that is in a different subnet), it doens't work.

    Next thing that I wanted to troubleshoot is lookin in the :vxlan.inet.0. From what I understand of EVPN/VXLAN here is that L3 connections should be populated.

    But I'm not seeing that table:

    What am I missing? Tried reboot all the devices, that didn't work :(

    Configuration of Leaf3, Leaf8 and Spine1:


    Bart van Kampen