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  • 1.  VxLAN-EVPN L3VPN

    Posted 09-23-2022 14:22
    HI all, 

    I've got a pair of 5120s up and up, with BGP running over ISIS. 

    BGP is up, and i've got evpn being learned on both ends. 

    Problem is, I can't route on my VRFs using the L3VPN.

    My routes in each table are showing as hidden, and showing extensive I see this. (1 entry, 0 announced)

             BGP    Preference: 170/-101

                    Route Distinguisher: 65000:10

                    Next hop type: Unusable, Next hop index: 0

                    Address: 0x70fe18c

                    Next-hop reference count: 8


                    State: <Secondary Hidden Int Ext Changed ProtectionCand>

                    Local AS: 65000 Peer AS: 65000

                    Age: 21:51 

                    Validation State: unverified 

                    Task: BGP_65000.

                    AS path: I 

                    Communities: target:65000:10

                    Import Accepted

                    VPN Label: 63

                    Localpref: 100

                    Router ID:

                    Primary Routing Table: bgp.l3vpn.0

                    Thread: junos-main 

                    Indirect next hops: 1

                            Protocol next hop:

                            Label operation: Push 63

                            Label TTL action: prop-ttl

                            Load balance label: Label 63: None; 

                            Indirect next hop: 0x0 - INH Session ID: 0x0

    Logically, the next hop should be the other QFXs LO / vtep source. 

    Not sure what i'm missing?