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  • 1.  Trivia Tuesday: Secure Edge Connectors

    Posted 09-05-2023 14:56

    Hey everyone!

    I love trivia! I try to go every week with my friends to a pub trivia night. Sometimes we do well and sometimes we do really badly. But that's the thing with trivia, it's supposed to challenge you. Unless you have a brain like Marvin the Paranoid Android (or you cheat and pull out your phone), then there will be some nights when you know a lot of stuff and some when you know little.

    Anyway, I thought I would combine my love of trivia with my love of AI-Driven SD-WAN and put out a weekly trivia question on Tuesdays. I'll come back on Fridays and give you the answer. Feel free to negate my answer, argue with me, or discuss further. I hope this is fun!

    First question:

    With the SSR, you can create Secure Edge Connectors out to SSEs. Essentially this creates a tunnel (I know, right?) with a third party SSE. What SSEs can the SSRs connect to with the Secure Edge Connector?

    I am looking forward to your answers. Good luck!


    Justin Melloni

  • 2.  RE: Trivia Tuesday: Secure Edge Connectors

    Posted 09-05-2023 15:54

    Microsoft 365 services.

    Austin Stoffel
    Systems Administrator

  • 3.  RE: Trivia Tuesday: Secure Edge Connectors

    Posted 09-08-2023 16:54

    Good answer @Austin, but I think you are thinking of our AppID module for Microsoft 365. For those that don't know about this, the SSR optimizes Microsoft 365 sessions, allowing you to easily configure the associated services to be delivered using the recommended network connectivity principles. It uses an AppID module for automatic discovery of Microsoft 365 endpoints, and simple service definition.

    The answer I was looking for was any third party SSE! In the Mist Cloud, you will see a drop down for:

    • Juniper Secure Edge
    • Zscaler
    • Custom

    With the Custom option, you can set up tunnels for any third party SSE. Check out my Feature Friday on the Secure Edge Connectors here

    I hope you all have a great weekend and I will think of another good trivia question for Monday.

    Justin Melloni