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Study results: your Juniper Support Service experience

  • 1.  Study results: your Juniper Support Service experience

    Posted 03-16-2023 14:11
    Edited by Kyla Jiayi Zhao 03-16-2023 14:11

    Hi members! Some of you recently participated in a survey with the Juniper team about your Juniper Support Service experience. Here are what your industry peers shared:

    • The majority (74%) of respondents have been on their current Juniper Support Service package for over 3 years.
    • No one was dissatisfied with their Juniper Support Service experience and most are satisfied or very satisfied.
    • Suggestions for areas of improvement include more proactiveness, greater ease in issue escalation, and more guidance on non-issue matters.
    • Nearly all respondents said having a Technical Advisor would be an appealing addition. A Technical Advisor would be a single point of contact who manages issue escalation and resolution, provides proactive technical guidance and knowledge transfer, and is available for operational review meetings. This option is currently available in the Advanced Care Plus package.

    Our Juniper stakeholder who conducted the study says: "This survey is very useful as it validates that this support service has value and confirms customer and partner interest. We have included some of the feedback in our outbound services messaging as well as internal discussions with our selling teams."

    Thank you again for participating in this study and giving feedback to Juniper Support Service!

    Kyla Jiayi Zhao