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  • 1.  Storm Control Bandwidth Config

    Posted 01-31-2023 12:18
    When configuring the bandwidth level in storm control:

    set forwarding-options storm-control-profiles sc-profile all bandwidth-level 15000 ​

    What do we base the kbps portion off of? Is that going to be PPS for all streams? Is it for the available bandwidth of the link (e.g. 1G connection)? Or is it for whatever you're allowing over the link (class of service / policer - e.g. 250Mbp/s)?

    Hard to find a straight answer for this. Wish Juniper would just add a PPS config option. Would make this much easier, unless that config option is for PPS, but if that's the case, Juniper really needs to update their documentation on this.


  • 2.  RE: Storm Control Bandwidth Config

    Posted 02-21-2023 07:43

    Does nobody know the answer? I even reached out to a guy who treats certs like pokemon, and he didn't even know.

    How frustrating.

  • 3.  RE: Storm Control Bandwidth Config

    Posted 02-22-2023 10:09

    I believe it says it right here, on the Juniper site. To quickly configure storm control based on the traffic rate in Kbps of the  combined traffic streams. Storm control is based on the total of the combined broadcast and unknown unicast streams. If broadcast traffic and unknown unicast traffic exceed these levels, the switch drops packets for the controlled traffic types.