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  • 1.  Static multicast flooding

    Posted 03-26-2023 08:07

    Hi there,

    Suppose I have a switch (EX3300 in this case) with both routed interfaces (ge-X/X/X.0 family inet, ip address set) and L3 vlan interfaces (vlan.X family inet, address set).

    I have some "site scoped" multicast traffic (so it's not link scoped, it's in 239/8) coming into one of the routed interfaces and I want to have it flooded/replicated to several or all (I am not that bothered there) L3 interfaces, preferably to both the physical L3 interfaces and the vlan L3 interfaces (including the switch ports in that vlan, but that is something I can manage, I think).

    I set all relevant interface to be "multicast" interfaces (routing options, interface = multicast) but none of the multicast traffic I send to the switch is flooded/replicated to any other port or vlan. This is confirmed by the interface counters.

    I am not using any routing protocol nor am I using a multicast routing protocol. It's all static and all very simple (I think).

    I was under the impression this should simply work, but it doesn't.

    Can you please help me?

    Erik Slagter