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SNMPv3 notify-view vs notify-filter

  • 1.  SNMPv3 notify-view vs notify-filter

    Posted 07-10-2022 13:15
    I have configured SNMPv3 according to Juniper documentation.  Regarding traps configuration, I'm a bit confused about something.  Please see the following portion of my SNMPv3 configuration.  I understand the meaning of the notify-filter command under target-parameters.  But Juniper says that I must also add a notify-view command under access.  It appears to me that they both define what traps can be sent, which is an apparent contradiction.   What is the difference between notify-view and notify-filter?   How do you reconcile the two?  

    snmp {
    v3 {
    vacm {
    security-to-group {
    security-model usm {
    security-name SNMP-User {
    group SNMP-Group;
    access {
    group SNMP-Group {
    default-context-prefix {
    security-model usm {
    security-level privacy {
    read-view OSS-VIEW-FILTER;
    write-view OSS-VIEW-FILTER;
    notify-view OSS-VIEW-FILTER;

    target-parameters TP-OSS {
    parameters {
    message-processing-model v3;
    security-model usm;
    security-level privacy;
    security-name SNMP-User;
    notify-filter OSS-TRAP-FILTER;

    notify-filter OSS-TRAP-FILTER {
    oid internet include;

    view OSS-VIEW-FILTER {
    oid internet include;

    By the way, I pasted the config and it removed all indents, does anyone know how to avoid this?

    Xavier Zevallos