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SNMP Configuration Assistance

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    Posted 02-15-2023 23:31
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    I've configured an SSR router in AWS and have a PRTG SNMP server instance setup on the LAN subnet. I would like the PRTG server to poll all my SSR routers, and I am starting with the AWS router that sits in front of the SNMP server. I have followed the configuration steps, but I do not see any traffic returned to the SNMP server. I have Wireshark on the server and see packets leave, but nothing returns from the SSR. The configuration steps state just after creating the "snmp" host interface - "A new interface is created at the Linux level bearing the same name and gateway IP of the snmp interface created earlier. The gateway IP is the address that the SNMP Manager will be polling."

    When running a test poll to the snmp interface IP I see no packets from the SSR. When I try to poll the SSR's LAN IP I see messages in the "Routing Details > Dropped Packets" page in the Denied Reason column that read - ArpManagerIpAddressOwnedByInterfa

    Here is the SSR and SNMP Server IPs, and I have attached the router's config. I would appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions. 

    SNMP Server =

    SSR LAN =

    SSR SNMP = - GW=.26

    Best regards, 


    Ken P


    aws-ssr snmp config.txt   3 KB 1 version