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  • 1.  si-0/0/0 interface commands missing

    Posted 08-18-2023 04:26


    Probably an easy one to answer.

    I am configuring up, on eve-ng VMX, an LNS (BRAs) for L2tp Subscribers. I have configured the system for the si-0/0/0 interface, however, when I come to configure the actual interface itself the following commands are not available (unusual as I have configured this before on an eve-ng VMX):

    set interfaces si-0/0/0 unit 0 <missing hierarchical scheduler> - I will require this for L2TP QoS.

    set interfaces si-0/0/0 unit 0 encapsulation <missing generic services> - Required for the L2TP Subscribers

    Here are the licenses I currently have running:

    License usage:

                                                        Licenses         Licenses           Licenses                  Expiry
      Feature name                       used              installed           needed
      scale-subscriber                      0                       10                       0                       permanent
      scale-l2tp                                     0                      1000                 0                       permanent
      scale-mobile-ip                         0                      1000                 0                      permanent

    Licenses installed: none

    Do I require another license for L2TP and those commands? If so where can I get one for a VMX for testing purposes only?

    Here is the Junos Version (same as I have used before):

    Model: vmx
    Junos: 18.2R1.9

    Many thanks

    Clive Gwyther

  • 2.  RE: si-0/0/0 interface commands missing

    Posted 08-18-2023 05:31

    All good. I have answered my own question by installing a trial 60 day license and all the commands and features are now available.


    Clive Gwyther