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  • 1.  Router API /peer-path/latency ???

    Posted 08-13-2021 11:34

    We're trying to call the rest API for the peer-path latency using a router name, however the data set is coming back empty.

    Is there a correct way to format the POST to retrieve the data for a specific peer path?

    Is there an API to list all the current peer paths for a node or router?


  • 2.  RE: Router API /peer-path/latency ???

    Posted 10-26-2022 14:03

    Hey Stephen,


    I wrote an integration into LogicMonitor to collect these stats, and I see we're using a GET method (your screenshot shows a POST)


    Sample using adjacencies to get latency:





    "adjacency": {

    "ipAddress": "",

    "jitter": 0,

    "linkLatency": 19,

    "packetLoss": 0,

    "qualityPoints": 0,

    "sourceNatIpAddresses": [ ]


    I don't have anything using the "stats/bfd/peer-path/latency" endpoint, but I'd guess it's also a GET

    Hope this helps!



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  • 3.  RE: Router API /peer-path/latency ???

    Posted 10-26-2022 14:03
    Steve, for the POST API call I got good results with this schema formatting:

      "parameters": [
          "name": "node",      "values": ["Node-1"],
          "itemize": true
          "name": "peer-host", "values": [],
          "itemize": true
    This will return results for each and every adjacency you have established out of Node-1.

    If you want it for a specific peer-host, just put in the address in double quotes, inside the square brackets.

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