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  • 1.  Redistribution routes between two ospf areas

    Posted 08-16-2023 13:41

    Hello Experts,

    I need to know how can we redistribute between different areas in OSPF,

    below is the current Cisco configuration and I need to swap this device to Juniper,

    I know there is an export in Juniper to do the redistribute, and in Juniper we can add just one router ID and there is no process number for OSPF as Cisco,

    my inquiry is how can I do the below redistribute after swapping to Juniper

    router ospf 10
     redistribute ospf 1 metric 100 subnets
    router ospf 1
     redistribute ospf 10 metric 100 subnets


  • 2.  RE: Redistribution routes between two ospf areas

    Posted 08-17-2023 05:23


    I think you're confusing the OSPF process id with the OSPF Area concept. Route redistribution is not between OSPF Areas, is between OSPF and any other Routing Protocol.

    In OSPF Inter-Area routes are by default advertised using a T3 LSA.  

    From the Cisco configuration what I think you're actually trying to do is to redistribute routes from one OSPF process to another OSPF process, and my guess is that you're implementing some sort of VRF.  This is how Cisco implementation works. 

    However in Juniper, there is no process ID for OSPF, you can define several routing instances with virtual-router or vrf type ( depending on the needs)  and configure OSPF there. If you want to leak some routes from one VRF to another there are a couple of options like RIB-Groups or if in the L3VPN world auto-export. 

    Best Regards, 


    Alin Bandiu

  • 3.  RE: Redistribution routes between two ospf areas

    Posted 08-18-2023 05:01

    Yes Alin your are right,

    I mean the redistribute between process not area, but in same global router without vrf (this in cisco) i will try your recommendation for the juniper vrf,

    Thank you so much, appreciate your help