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  • 1.  Question on SALT files

    Posted 11-05-2022 10:08



    Given a SALT architecture where the SALT master and proxy minion are on different servers, do the salt pillar and state directories need to be present on the master's server or the minion's server?




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  • 2.  RE: Question on SALT files

    Posted 11-06-2022 06:06
    No, the state and pillar files (and anything else from the salt:// file structure on the master) do not need to be present on the server running the proxy minions in this instance.

    It doesn't matter where the proxy minions are running, when they start/restart they will get the  data from the master and cache it.

    Don't forget to refresh the pillar data with satlutil.pillar_refresh for the proxy minion(s) in question if you update the pillar files otherwise they won't know about your updates.

    Likewise, if you change states remember to sync them with saltutil.sync_states (or just sync_all).

    For reference see the Saltutil docs here: