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  • 1.  Question on L3VPN OSPF Sham Links

    Posted 09-07-2022 14:51



    I understand that we can configure an OSPF Sham link in order to tunnel a Customer site's OSPF LSAs across the MPLS core of an L3VPN service provider.


    My question is whether these LSAs are tunneled using both the Transport and VPN labels are just the Transport label.




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  • 2.  RE: Question on L3VPN OSPF Sham Links

    Posted 09-07-2022 15:32

    Now that I've thought about it a bit more... OSPF LSAs will be tunneled using VPN labels, otherwise the remote PE will receive the tunneled OSPF LSAs as an IP packets from a customer router it has no OSPF neighborship with.



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