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[QFX5210] Optical interface stay down

  • 1.  [QFX5210] Optical interface stay down

    Posted 03-07-2023 10:04


    I'm facing an issue with my QFX connected to a Supermicro Blade through an optical link using QSFP.

    Both are seeing their interface but it does not go up. I ran a diagnose on the QFX.  I have attached the result.

    I tried AutoNegotiation on both side, then on only one side(switching sides), then no negotiation on both side, fec, no fec etc

    Nothing seems to work.

    I ran a test between two QFX using the same QSFP it works straight. Same goes when running a test between two SuperMicro with the same QSFP. 

    If you can help it will be greatly appreciated !

    Thank you !