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PTP communication issue with DECT cells on EX3400 virtual chassis

  • 1.  PTP communication issue with DECT cells on EX3400 virtual chassis

    Posted 05-02-2023 18:19

    Dear Juniper community,  

    I am writing to report a problem I am experiencing with a Juniper network setup at one of our client sites. The virtual chassis comprises of 4 EX3400 switches running Junos version 18.2R3-S8.5. We have DECT cells connected to access ports on a dedicated VLAN, which need to communicate with each other at layer 2 using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP). However, the PTP communication between the cells is not functioning correctly for some reason.

    The PTP protocol communicates via multicast, and we have disabled all controls on the Juniper switches that could interfere with multicast traffic, such as IGMP snooping and storm control. Despite this, the communication between the DECT cells is still not functioning correctly.

    Interestingly, the same DECT cells connected to EX3300 switches configured in the same way as the EX3400 switches are functioning correctly. This leads me to suspect that there may be an issue with the EX3400 switches or the Junos version installed.

    Can you help me in order to troubleshoot the problem?

    Thank you,