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  • 1.  PPPoE LCP CoS 802.1p

    Posted 06-05-2023 17:11


    I am relatively new to Juniper so apologies in advance if this comes across as a silly question.

    We are setting up subscriber management on an MX204 and our network needs the PPP LCP frames to be set to CoS 0 on the 802.1p its of both the inner and outer VLANs. We have tried using rewrite rules on the dynamic profiles (demux and pp0 interfaces). The only way that we can seem to get this to work is to set a host-outbound-traffic rule to set all traffic to 0 which although works would not be great for BGP etc.

    In the cisco world it is a simple "control-packets vlan cos 0" on the bba group and I would have thought that Juniper would have made it just as easy.

    Is there no way of setting the RE to set the 802.1p bit to 0 using firewall filters on the bridge interface or something like that?

    Thank you in advance.