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NON-ELS DHCP Snooping Wireless isn't working

  • 1.  NON-ELS DHCP Snooping Wireless isn't working

    Posted 03-24-2023 12:49

    We are configuring DHCP snooping across our enterprise and have run into something interesting. When we configure it on Non-ELS EX switches for our wireless vlan, we never see a wireless binding. We only see successful bindings on ELS EX switches on that VLAN. All other VLANs on the Non-ELS switches are working fine. The switch in question is running 12.3R12-S21. Running a packet capture on my DHCP server (living on a trunk port to our hypervisor) I can see the normal DORA process happen but nothing is showing up in the dhcp-snooping file.

    This is all I need to initiate VLAN snooping correct?

    set ethernet-switching-options secure-access-port vlan VLAN_15 examine-dhcp
    set ethernet-switching-options secure-access-port dhcp-snooping-file location /var/tmp/dhcp-snooping
    set ethernet-switching-options secure-access-port dhcp-snooping-file write-interval 60