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  • 1.  NGRE vmhost snapshot

    Posted 02-10-2023 11:25

    Hi Folks,

    My question concerns the case of MX series routers with NGREs (i.e. 2SSDs for storage).

    I would like to know, on a single RE that has 2 SSDs (1 primary and 1 backup) how the active configuration is preserved between the two drives. If one day, the primary disk malfunctions, am I sure that the RE will boot on the secondary disk with the last updated version of the configuration?

    I ask my question on this forum because the JTAC is not very clear on this subject... It appears that the disks are only cloned when the 'request vmhost snapshot' command is run.

    This seems strange to me. Because that would mean that every time you change the configuration, you have to take a snapshot of the primary disk? Is there a way to automate this?


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