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  • 1.  New EX2300 Problem After Factory Reset

    Posted 08-22-2023 18:59

    I have recently purchased an EX2300-48P Juniper Switch. Forgive me because this is my first Juniper device, and I am learning. 
    I set the switch up in CLI with the basics of IP address, host name, DNS server, and connected it to my Mist account. Since this is my first Juniper device, I was going through the switch CLI and playing with different configurations in a lab setting. Apparently, I learned that doing that is frowned upon with Mist, and I was having trouble getting Mist to connect to the switch. 

    Thinking that I was not that far into the configuration, and I was mostly just messing around with configuration, I figured it was easier to factory reset the switch. I held the front button on the front for about 30 seconds. I was not looking on the CLI at the time.

    After the switch seemed to come back up. I console ported into the switch to reach the terminal. Now it is continually printing these output. When I try to go in to "CLI > Configure"  it will let me in for about a minute and then boot me out of CLI and back to Linux. I tried re-adding it to Mist, and it is still not connecting.

    If anyone has any guidance, I would greatly appreciate it. I apologize if I'd didn't use proper terminology. 

    Thank you!


  • 2.  RE: New EX2300 Problem After Factory Reset

    Posted 08-23-2023 03:34

    Hi Jonathan,

    1. the easier way to get to factory defaults (when you still have access to the configuration) is 1. to go to config mode via the edit command, then issue the delete command, then "load factory-default", and then commit.
    2. to your problem: The default configuration contains auto-image-upgrade | Junos OS | Juniper Networks which the device now seems to attempt (in a loop). You'd want to delete that statement.



  • 3.  RE: New EX2300 Problem After Factory Reset
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-23-2023 04:11


    The easiest and the fastest option is enter the "delete chassis auto-image-upgrade" in the configuration cli.

    These options can be modified in u-boot or loader btw and it is strange that you have values of them after a factory reset.


  • 4.  RE: New EX2300 Problem After Factory Reset

    Posted 08-23-2023 12:17

    Awesome! That seemed to stop it. Thank you for your help!