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  • 1.  MPC10 on MX960

    Posted 04-22-2023 14:07

    i have juniper mx960 & need to add MPC10E-10C & MPC10E-15C 

    if i need to use the 400G ports do I need to work in increased bandwidth performance mode for the SCBE3 or i can use the redundancy mode for the SCBE3s
    as you know i have 3 SCBE3 for the MX960 (consider I have enhanced Midplane) 
    as seen from datasheet of MPC10E-10C & MPC10E-15C the line rates 1Tbps & 1.5Tbps so is it a must to use increased bandwidth performance mode 3+0  or I can achieve the data rates with the redundancy mode 2+1 for these MPC10E cards..

  • 2.  RE: MPC10 on MX960

    Posted 04-24-2023 13:54
    It depends on the amount of traffic expected between the MPC and the redundancy mode that will be operating.  If inter-mpc traffic is greater than 1Tbps - then non-redundant mode is best. Otherwise, redundant mode is preferred.
    In redundancy mode - you get 4 channels of inter-MPC bandwidth, at 250Gbps per channel. In non-redundant mode, you get 6 channels - 1.5Tbps total.
    So if traffic stays on the same MPC, it's really no big deal. But if that traffic hops to another a MPC - then the available bandwidth becomes far more important.

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