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Latest firmware for the SSG-350M-SH (EOL)

  • 1.  Latest firmware for the SSG-350M-SH (EOL)

    Posted 08-31-2022 12:21
    Dear Community,

    I was donated an old SSG-350M-SH manufactured in 2007, which was put out of operation in 2009, and I'd like to refurbish it for my home lab. The goal is to get some hands-on experience with Juniper network hardware - purely to learn.

    I contacted Customer support and was redirected here for help. They won't let me download the latest firmware release for this EOL device unless I sign for a service contract, in order to get further updates, however, this device is EOL since 2014 and the latest firmware dates back to 2019 thus no further updates are likely to be ever released. And since I only need this unit for educational purposes, I don't think It's ever worth to sign for any support contract for this device.

    Can anybody please help me for a source of the latest firmware updates for the SSG-350M-SH?

    Thank you and best regards,