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  • 1.  Junos upgrade fail

    Posted 05-12-2023 05:55

    For a system operating as a standalone device, the following error will be seen:

    root@juniper> request system software add /var/tmp/junos-arm-32-18.4R1.8.tgz no-copy no-validate reboot

    Error: not enough space to unpack /var/tmp/junos-arm-32-18.4R1.8.tgz ERROR: Either use 'force' or consider deleting snapshots using 'request system snapshot delete <snap>'

    we already clear the storage by using .

    root@juniper> request system storage cleanup

    root@juniper> request system snapshot delete *

    after clearing the storage it again shows the same error.

    Is there any other solution for this issue.