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Junivator Diary: my January highlight

  • 1.  Junivator Diary: my January highlight

    Posted 02-02-2023 19:17

    Hi everyone! It's hard to believe how quickly January has flown by. I'm also gradually getting the hang of writing 2023 and not 2022 on all my documents. 😊

    The highlight of my January is attending Juniper's Global Kickoff! This is the grand event where we celebrate all that Juniper has accomplished in the past year and gear up for everything to come in 2023. This is the first time since the pandemic hit that this event is being held in-person, so you can guess how excited everyone was. The moment I walked into the conference center where the two-day event was hosted this, I could feel a palpable buzz in the air.

    2022 was a great year for Juniper and it was awesome to see everyone's hard work be recognized.  As an introvert, I am always amazed by how our sales reps are constantly putting themselves out there as the first faces from Juniper that existing and prospective customers see. Our product leaders also shared exciting updates that further elevated the electric atmosphere in the event hall.

    Hearing from Jill Ellis, former Head Coach of the US Women Soccer's Team

    And then came the surprise guest speakers-Jill Ellis and Tony Hawk! Jill Ellis, the former Head Coach of the US Women Soccer's Team, is a personal idol of mine. She had incredible stage presence as she discussed her personal motto of always striving to be slightly better than she was yesterday-a nice tie-in to the event theme of "Demand More". Tony Hawk also shared how he constantly demands more from himself and his team as he overcame numerous obstacles over the decades to achieve the career he has today. I didn't expect that the guest speakers would be from a sports background, but after hearing their talks, it's clear how building a successful company follows the same principles as building a top sports team/career.
    Hearing from Tony Hawk, pro skater and businessman

    I'm sure that you all have also heard from some incredible speakers in your career. Who were some memorable ones? And what are your goals for 2023? Mine's to reduce my dependence on Starbucks caffeine.

    Kyla Jiayi Zhao